The Propsal Story

Paule Engagement Photo 01

It was the first weekend in February of 2018 when Pete took Madelyn and their dog Finnley for a mountain getaway to Hendersonville, NC. Madelyn loves the mountains and they had been talking about making the trip for a while and it seemed like the perfect time to go. They stayed in a cozy bungalow just outside of downtown and spent their first night in town visiting the local Sanctuary Brewing, grabbing dinner at the delicious West First Wood-Fired, and cocktails at the eccentric Poe House.

The next day, they enjoyed a slow morning with breakfast from a local cafe and an intense game of Scrabble (which Madelyn won). Around lunch time, they loaded Finn in the car and headed out to their first stop of the day - Bold Rock Hard Cider. Pete and Madelyn sampled a few flights while Finn enjoyed getting attention from everyone who walked by. Their next stop was to Saint Paul Mountain Vineyards where Pete and Madelyn sampled wines next to the fireplace and Finn got lots of treats. It was very dreamy but the day wasn't over yet!

Paule Engagement Photo 02
Paule Engagement Photo 03

The last stop of the day was to Overmountain Vineyards, just outside of Hendersonville. Pete suggested they take Finn for a walk on one of the hiking trails before they went inside and Madelyn thought it was a great idea! A few minutes into their walk, they came upon a picnic area with a creek running behind it. They walked over to the riverbank and with the water babbling in the background, Pete told Madelyn how much he loved her and got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Madelyn was overjoyed and obviously said yes!

The story doesn't end there though! Pete took Madelyn out to dinner at the local Postero in downtown Hendersonville where he had one more surprise up his sleeve. As they walked up to their table, Madelyn was shocked to see her family and some of their closest friends were waiting for them to arrive! They spent the rest of the evening on cloud nine as they celebrated their engagement and looked forward to their future together as Mr. and Mrs. Paule.

Paule Engagement Photo 04